Former Champion's Shocking WWE Comeback to Thwart Trish Stratus at Money in the Bank

Legends collide as WWE's storied past ignites intense rivalries

by Atia Mukhtar
Former Champion's Shocking WWE Comeback to Thwart Trish Stratus at Money in the Bank

Trish Stratus, a revered woman in wrestling, has punched her ticket to the highly anticipated Women's Money in the Bank ladder match. This exciting development unfolded on the latest episode of WWE RAW, leaving fans excited for the grand event scheduled for July 1st.

Teaming up with the talented Zoey Stark, Stratus will stride confidently into the ring. Stark has forged a newfound connection with the WWE Hall of Famer and has been a formidable ally in recent months. The synergy between the two promises a captivating performance, adding another layer of intrigue to the already star-studded affair.

The road to Stratus's triumphant qualification was not without its share of drama. She squared off against the fierce Raquel Rodriguez during a fiery clash on RAW. As fate would have it, an unintended attack from the passionate Becky Lynch, aimed at Stark, inadvertently struck Stratus, resulting in a disqualification victory for the legendary seven-time Women's Champion.

Such an unforeseen twist only intensified the anticipation surrounding Stratus's upcoming appearance at Money in the Bank.

Fiery Rivalries Ignite: Lita's Explosive Return

However, it appears that Becky Lynch is not the sole woman harboring ill feelings toward the beloved Stratus.

Another prominent figure from WWE's past, the iconic Lita, has been conspicuously absent from the limelight for nearly three months. This absence can be attributed to a shocking assault by Stratus's former friend, which cost Lita the coveted Women's Tag Team Championship.

With tensions running high and the stage set, the Money in the Bank ladder match holds immense potential for Lita's long-awaited return and an emphatic statement. The lack of rules sets this ladder match apart, permitting interference and raising the stakes to dizzying heights.

Lita's potential intervention could serve as a game-changer, evening the odds for Lynch, who may face a daunting two-on-one situation. The clash of titans looms on the horizon, and the WWE Universe eagerly awaits the unfolding spectacle, aware that anything can happen in the unpredictable world of professional wrestling.

As the countdown to Money in the Bank continues, fans and pundits are left speculating about the possible outcome. Will Trish Stratus and Zoey Stark seize the opportunity to cement their legacies? Can Lita make a resounding comeback and exact her revenge? All eyes will be on the ring come July 1st as these fierce competitors vie for glory in an electrifying encounter that could forever alter the landscape of women's wrestling.

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