Vince McMahon's Alleged 'Drastic Overhaul' of WWE Raw's Opening Segment


Vince McMahon's Alleged 'Drastic Overhaul' of WWE Raw's Opening Segment

The latest "WWE Raw" episode burst onto our screens with an electrifying opening segment that saw Finn Balor unleash a relentless beatdown on reigning World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. However, insiders now reveal that this action-packed sequence underwent significant alterations before the show's broadcast.

Sources from Fightful Select disclose that it was none other than WWE chairman Vince McMahon who remotely implemented these "drastic changes," mainly focusing on revamping the show's opening moments. As the show commenced, Seth Rollins made his grand entrance, all set to initiate his much-anticipated open challenge for the prestigious World Heavyweight Championship.

However, before any potential challengers could respond, Finn Balor shockingly ambushed Rollins, ruthlessly assaulting him and delivering three devastating Coup de Grace maneuvers. Following a commercial break, the audience was treated to a backstage continuation of Balor's onslaught.

Fiery Rematch: Balor's Redemption

The roots of the intense rivalry between Balor and Rollins date back to 2016 when they battled for the inaugural WWE Universal Championship at SummerSlam. While Balor emerged victorious that night, fate dealt him a cruel hand as he suffered an injury that forced him to relinquish the title the following evening.

Fast forward to the present, and the stakes are higher than ever as the two warriors clash once again at the upcoming Money in the Bank pay-per-view event, this time contending for the newly minted World Heavyweight Championship.

The animosity between Balor and Rollins has reached a boiling point, highlighted by a recent "Raw" segment where the crowd's thunderous reaction nearly drowned out Balor's impassioned promo. With Vince McMahon's reported intervention, the WWE chairman appears to be determined to ignite a fierce rivalry and deliver a thrilling spectacle to the WWE Universe.

The fate of the World Heavyweight Championship hangs in the balance, and the anticipation for the epic clash between Finn Balor and Seth Rollins escalates with each passing moment.

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