Angelia Love Speaks About WWE Career


Angelia Love Speaks About WWE Career
Angelia Love Speaks About WWE Career

Angelina Love was a WWE star during the mid-2000s, but she never appeared on WWE TV. She was all set to become a very popular WWE Diva, and things outside of her control prevented her from becoming a popular WWE star. She recently appeared on The Ten Count to speak about her failed WWE career.

Angelina Love Speaks About Her Injury That Prevented Her Debut on RAW

She started to make her way to the WWE by performing at OVW in 2004, during a Divas tryout. Lance Storm, the trainer at that time, did not know that this was going to be an all-women camp during that time.

Love was hired two days after the tryout. It was a verbal hire. She had to return to Canada and wait for her visa after that. She had two options at that time. She could start working at OVW right away or, she could wait for Deep South Wrestling to be operational.

Love believes that she made a mistake by not working for OVW at that time. "I guess this decided to be the wrong choice, but I decided to wait because I felt like OVW was so full," Love recalled. "Mickie [James] was still there, Jillian [Hall], Melina and Michelle McCool ...

there were so many people. I feared I would get lost in the shuffle." Love would sign with WWE in 2005. Deep South opened its door in May, 2005. Love became a regular Deep South member after that. She managed Palmer Cannon and feuded with Natalya, Brooke Tessmacher, and Taylor Wilde.

Love fulfilled her life long dream by signing a WWE contract. She was about to be called to the main roster in 2006 but tragedy struck her before that. "I tore my ACL training, 10 days before I was supposed to debut [on "WWE Raw"]," Love rued.

"So that put me out, actually before I was even medically cleared, so that was in January '06, I tore it. I had surgery on March 1." "August 2006, I was brought to "SmackDown" to possibly do something," Love continued. "I was placed in the crowd, and it was the first segment of the show.

So, they were doing dark match "Velocity." That's when Booker [T] was doing his King Booker thing and he knighted Finlay and [William] Regal in the ring. My segment was supposed to be next. Then I got pulled from the floor by the guy who sat next to me.

He said Vince [McMahon] rewrote the entire show as soon as it started, and my segment and the match that my segment was coming from were cut. He rewrote the whole show. Then it was like, 'Well, we'll probably have you back next week,' and then that never happened." She eventually got released after that, even though the WWE stated that she would be used the following week.