Controversy Marks WWE Women's Money in Bank Qualifier Finish


Controversy Marks WWE Women's Money in Bank Qualifier Finish

In the anticipatory atmosphere leading up to Money In The Bank, WWE's thrilling event, the roster for the women's ladder match was concluded with an electrifying face-off between Trish Stratus and Raquel Rodriguez on Raw.

This showdown was marked with controversy, making it a memorable qualifier in the wrestling world. Zelina Vega, Becky Lynch, IYO SKY, Shotzi, Zoey Stark, and Bayley had already secured their spots, setting the stage for an intense battle on July 1st in London, England.

All eyes, however, were set on the final qualifier spot, up for grabs between two formidable competitors - WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus and the ex-WWE Women's Tag Team Champion Raquel Rodriguez.

Stratus's Grand Return to Singles

The high-stakes contest took place in the bustling city of Cleveland, Ohio.

For Stratus, this was a significant moment, marking her return to the singles' battlefield on WWE’s red brand after an absence of twelve long years. The decisive moment of the match arrived amidst chaos when the referee got distracted.

Seizing this opportunity, Zoey Stark, Stratus's protégé, inserted herself into the proceedings. This bold move, though aimed at aiding Stratus, attracted the attention of Becky Lynch. Known for her aggressive tactics, Lynch couldn't resist but step into the fray, taking out Stark in the process.

However, the action didn't stop there. In a move that stunned spectators, Lynch also targeted Stratus. The unsanctioned attack on Stratus prompted a disqualification decision from the distracted referee. In the world of WWE, where victories can come in unexpected forms, this disqualification consequently earned Stratus the coveted last spot in the Money In The Bank ladder match.

With Stratus's controversial entrance, the upcoming match is now brimming with anticipation. Fans are left pondering what unexpected turns the match might take, as they eagerly wait for July 1st to see these fierce women clash in the ring.

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