WWE Raw Star's Spouse Criticizes Booking


WWE Raw Star's Spouse Criticizes Booking

In the aftermath of Monday Night Raw's recent event in Cleveland, Ohio, dissatisfaction arose as a WWE star's wife voiced her concern about the current treatment and utilization of her spouse and his partner in the show. Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin, once the esteemed Raw Tag Team Champions, have recently grappled with a challenging streak of defeats.

Their singular victory in 2023, until now, occurred in February when they triumphed over the Alpha Academy. A time when their wrestling prowess and teamwork sparkled, providing a glimmer of their former glory. Monday's Raw event in Cleveland, Ohio, however, painted a starkly different picture.

The duo again tasted the bitter pill of defeat. This time, at the hands of Indus Sher's Sanga and Veer, who vanquished Alexander and Benjamin in a shockingly brief encounter lasting a little over two minutes.

Big Swole Criticizes WWE Booking

In the aftermath, Alexander's wife, who is also a former AEW star, Big Swole, took to social media to express her frustration.

She was particularly displeased with the storyline direction and the ongoing sidelining of Alexander and Benjamin. Big Swole bemoaned the unfulfilled rumors about the potential reunion of The Hurt Business. She penned, "Ced and Shelton truly deserve and have earned more.

The Hurt Business should've been back. Lord."

Originally, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin were integral members of The Hurt Business, alongside Bobby Lashley and MVP.

The faction flourished during the pandemic era, enjoying considerable success. With Lashley wearing the US Title, and Benjamin and Alexander crowned as tag team champions, they reigned supreme. Regrettably, this triumphant period crumbled in March 2021.

The New Day seized their title, leading to a brutal expulsion of Benjamin and Alexander from the faction by Bobby Lashley. Rumors had circulated suggesting a potential revival of The Hurt Business on WWE screens. However, to the dismay of fans and Big Swole, this reunion has yet to manifest, casting a cloud over the future prospects of the former champions.