Bayley Retains Trace of Her NXT Babyface Character in WWE


Bayley Retains Trace of Her NXT Babyface Character in WWE

During her illustrious tenure in WWE's developmental territory, NXT, Bayley was renowned for her babyface persona – an empathetic character that endeared fans, solidifying her as a beloved figure within the wrestling community.

This character continued to radiate even during the incipient stages of her transition to the main roster, a trait that many wrestling enthusiasts remember fondly. However, as the narrative unfolded over the years, Bayley experienced a metamorphosis, evolving into a more antagonistic character, otherwise known in the wrestling parlance as a 'heel'

Despite this dramatic shift, during a recent appearance on WWE's talk show, The Bump, Bayley confessed that her former persona continues to exist within her, albeit as a small fragment.

Bayley's Lingering Babyface Influence

"Deep within, there lies a minuscule part that continues to influence and motivate me," Bayley revealed.

"There's a small echo of the old me that argues in favor of the struggle, despite the waves of annoyance that wash over me, as I've matured and grown weary of skeptics." Her annoyance is directed towards the doubters, those who question her capabilities, dismiss her talents, and perceive her as invisible.

However, she says there's an undying spirit, reminiscent of the NXT Bayley, that constantly reassures her, advocating that the trials and tribulations are worth it. "But there's a residual trace of that former NXT Bayley," she elaborated, "a faint voice that whispers, 'It's okay, it's all worthwhile.'

It's the echo of my dream and it encourages me to persevere, to continue the journey that I embarked on as a 10-year-old." In spite of her evolution into a heel, the vestiges of her babyface persona are still palpable within her.

This revelation from Bayley showcases the complex layers of her character in WWE, underlining the intricate storytelling that wrestling often undertakes, and highlights the strength of her commitment to her craft, her dreams, and her journey within the industry.

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