Vic Joseph Provides Explanation for 'Candy Stash' at WWE NXT Commentary Table

Exciting WWE Moments Capture Fans' Attention Beyond the Ring

by Noman Rasool
Vic Joseph Provides Explanation for 'Candy Stash' at WWE NXT Commentary Table

On Tuesday, the electrifying "Gold Rush" edition of "WWE NXT" reached an epic climax as Seth Rollins gallantly defended his coveted WWE World Heavyweight Championship against the formidable Bron Breakker. Amidst the thrilling match, a notable moment he captured the attention of keen-eyed fans—the clearing of the announcer's desk to make way for Rollins' emphatic elbow drop.

During this process, viewers noticed a small container of candy discreetly placed near the esteemed lead announcer, Vic Joseph. Responding to the flood of inquiries surrounding his secret candy stash, Joseph took to Twitter to shed light on the matter.

In a candid tweet, he revealed the reason behind his sugary companion, stating, "I've received a lot of questions about my candy stash at the #WWENXT desk – @WWEGraves can confirm – I almost passed out while calling an event.

Graves had to urgently arrange for some sustenance, and from that moment on, I've kept candy at the desk. Rest assured, and it will be replenished for the upcoming #NXTGoldRush next week!"

Sustaining Energy Amidst Demanding Joseph Roles

The explanation behind Joseph's confectionery craving is quite simple—he occasionally needs to boost his blood sugar levels.

Given the fast-paced nature of television taping days, it's not uncommon for nourishment to become an afterthought amidst the flurry of activities. It's worth noting that Joseph isn't the only one who experiences hunger pangs at the commentary desk.

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T was recently spotted wrapping up a taping session in May by placing a TGI Fridays order through DoorDash—a testament to the demanding nature of their roles. Vic Joseph has been an invaluable asset to WWE since 2017, lending his captivating voice to various shows, including "WWE 205 Live" and "WWE Raw." However, it was in August 2020 that Joseph found his true home within the adrenaline-fueled world of "NXT." The 37-year-old commentator recently expressed his ultimate aspiration: to call the main event of WrestleMania the pinnacle of sports entertainment.

As the WWE universe eagerly anticipates future showdowns and captivating commentary, one thing remains certain—Vic Joseph's candy stash will continue to provide him with the occasional sugar rush, ensuring his energy remains as electrifying as the events he passionately brings to life.