Gable Steveson Grapples His Way to WWE Stardom


Gable Steveson Grapples His Way to WWE Stardom
Gable Steveson Grapples His Way to WWE Stardom

Gable Steveson's WWE journey has been one of anticipation and speculation, leaving fans eager to witness his potential in the wrestling world. However, it appears that the wait may finally be over as he hints at a possible role on WWE TV.

While Steveson has made notable appearances at WrestleMania and was drafted to Monday Night Raw, he has yet to step foot inside a WWE ring since joining the company through a Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deal in September 2021.

Despite this, the talented athlete has never lost sight of his amateur career aspirations, aiming to surpass the legendary Kurt Angle by clinching two Olympic gold medals at the Paris Games in 2024.

Gable Steveson's NXT Intervention

In a surprising turn of events, Gable Steveson recently made an appearance on NXT television, extending a helping hand to his brother's rival.

During the inaugural week of NXT Gold Rush, Damon Kemp, Steveson's real-life brother, issued a challenge to Eddy Thorpe for a Raw Underground fight. Later in the evening, Thorpe found himself in the locker room alongside other NXT talents, watching past Raw Underground clashes when Steveson unexpectedly entered the scene.

The Olympic gold medalist emphasized his unique understanding of Kemp and offered to train Thorpe for their upcoming clash, scheduled to take place on the 4th of July. This unexpected cameo on NXT has ignited speculation among fans, who interpret it as a possible indication that Steveson's highly anticipated WWE debut may be just around the corner, contrary to initial expectations.

With Steveson teasing that his WWE debut will arrive "sooner than people think," his appearance on NXT television could potentially signify more than a one-time occurrence. Wrestling enthusiasts eagerly await further developments as they anticipate witnessing the promising young talent's transition into the world of WWE entertainment.

Gable Steveson's foray into the realm of professional wrestling has undoubtedly piqued curiosity, leaving fans eagerly awaiting his next move and the potential impact he could make on the grand stage of WWE TV.

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