WWE Reportedly Cancels Former Champion's World Heavyweight Title Win


WWE Reportedly Cancels Former Champion's World Heavyweight Title Win

Former WWE Superstar Rico Constantino recently disclosed in a candid interview that he was on track to achieve a significant milestone in his wrestling career. This victory would have seen him crowned the World Heavyweight Champion.

Rico, who debuted on the main roster in March 2002 following a development period, enjoyed a successful tenure as a regular competitor on SmackDown and Monday Night RAW over two years. He attained notable accomplishments during this time, including capturing the WWE Tag Team Championship and World Tag Team Title.

However, in a surprising turn, the 61-year-old grappler was released from his contract in November 2004, abruptly halting his ascent to the pinnacle of WWE. During a recent interview with Cafe de Rene, Rico opened up about the shelved plans surrounding his ascent to championship glory.

He revealed that he was initially slated to face off against Booker T and emerge victorious, thereby claiming the illustrious World Heavyweight Championship. Unfortunately, the enthusiasm surrounding Rico's impending title win was abruptly extinguished as the company opted to change its course.

Unforeseen Incident Derails Rico's Championship Dream

While Rico did not delve into the exact details, he alluded to a regrettable incident involving Booker T and Test that unfolded a few weeks after the initial plans were made.

This unforeseen turn of events spelled the end of Rico's championship aspirations. His dream of hoisting the esteemed title was dashed, leaving him disheartened and wondering what could have been. Booker T, who held the World Heavyweight Championship at the time, seemingly played a pivotal role in the decision to abort Rico's title run.

Rico suggested that Booker T may not have been enthusiastic about relinquishing the championship to him, ultimately leading to the company scrapping the anticipated storyline. Rico's revelation offers a glimpse into the inner workings of WWE and the intricate dynamics that can shape a wrestler's career trajectory.

Although his journey toward World Heavyweight Championship glory was abruptly curtailed, his talent and contributions to the sport continue to be remembered by fans, highlighting the unpredictable nature of the wrestling industry and the elusive nature of championship success.

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