Bryan to Change Design, New WWE YouTube Strategy

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Bryan to Change Design, New WWE YouTube Strategy

This week on Smackdown, Daniel Bryan and Rowan won the Smackdown Tag Titles. The Hardy Boyz vacated the Smackdown Tag titles last week. They couldn’t defend the titles, because Jeff Hardy injured his knee a while back and that injury required surgery to repair it.

Bryan and Rowan won the tag titles by defeating The Usos that entered the show as a result of the Wild Card Rule made by Vince McMahon. Bryan and Rowan appeared in a photoshoot video backstage that was made after the Smackdown event.

Bryan stated that he might change the design of the belts. He stated that the leather belts disgust him. Bryan and Rowan might switch to eco-friendly straps. Bryan’s WWE title had eco-friendly straps. He lost that title to Kofi Kingston at WrestleMania 35.

WWE plans on cutting RAW and Smackdown clips that they upload to their YouTube. They will not upload clips during a show, and will only upload clips after the show has ended. The WWE used to upload matches and segments on their official YouTube channel while shows were still airing.

This time, WWE uploaded the videos in the late third hour to hopefully increase ratings. The WWE has gone through a very rough time. The ratings are low and the live events are not doing that well. That is why this year, the WWE lost money.