Konnor Landscaping Job for WWE Legend Spurs Wrestling Career


Konnor Landscaping Job for WWE Legend Spurs Wrestling Career

With a wrestling career spanning over two decades, Konnor, a former WWE Superstar, reflects on his tumultuous journey in the industry. The surprising catalyst for his career was an unlikely landscaping job, which led him to start training for the ring.

During a recent interview with "Busted Open Radio," Konnor shared the fascinating tale of his serendipitous encounter with WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter. Konnor recounted how a friend had roped him into landscaping work. "I needed some extra cash," he said, "and figured, 'why not?' Little did I know the unexpected turn this venture would take." He was left gobsmacked when he discovered who his new employer was as the unmistakable figure of Sgt.

Slaughter emerged from the house, and Konnor was filled with astonishment. "I remember standing there, frozen, realizing that I was about to work on the lawn of Sgt. Slaughter. It was an extraordinary moment," Konnor remarked. The sight of the wrestling icon rekindled fond childhood memories for Konnor.

He grew up as an ardent fan of G.I. Joe, with Sgt. Slaughter is his idol. The opportunity to meet his childhood hero face-to-face was almost dreamlike. Konnor reflected, "Slaughter was a towering figure of my childhood, a man I admired.

Meeting him in person was truly surreal." During their meeting, Slaughter asked Konnor if he had ever considered stepping into the wrestling ring. Konnor confessed that he hadn't given it serious thought but fondly remembered how professional wrestling was a significant bonding experience for his family.

They would gather to watch pay-per-view events and even try the wrestling moves themselves.

Konnor's Leap into Wrestling

Inspired by this interaction, Konnor took a decisive leap of faith and embarked on his wrestling journey.

Slaughter connected him with Rusty Brooks, a well-known trainer at the School of Hard Knocks in Florida. This marked the commencement of Konnor's rigorous training regime, propelling him into professional wrestling. Reflecting on those formative years, Konnor said, "Every time I cross paths with Sarge now, he jokingly asks if I'm off to do landscaping in someone's backyard." A simple landscaping job had become an unforgettable encounter, shaping Konnor's life and wrestling career in the most unforeseen manner.