Nick Aldis Confirms Mickie James' Full Recovery, Discusses Potential Return

Mickie James is strategizing for a powerful comeback," shares husband Aldis.

by Noman Rasool
Nick Aldis Confirms Mickie James' Full Recovery, Discusses Potential Return

In a recent conversation with Cultaholic, pro-wrestling star Nick Aldis provided an encouraging update on his wife and former Knockouts Champion, Mickie James. Aldis, fondly known as "The National Treasure," shared that James has completely healed and is presently biding her time, awaiting the perfect moment to make her impactful return to professional wrestling.

"Mickie is fully fit," Aldis stated. "However, it's about seizing the right moment for her comeback. We have several interests beyond wrestling, such as our supplement business, our love for horses, and Mickie's ventures, including her show and her involvement in the music industry."

James Balances Parenthood, Projects

According to Aldis, James is invested in other significant projects at present.

One such endeavor is a show they are co-producing in Australia, with James also working as a producer on the forthcoming 'Last Match' musical. But that's not all; their personal lives, particularly parental roles, significantly influence their professional decisions.

"We have a young son," Aldis elaborated. "Any professional commitment that takes us away from our child needs to be something of immense value. Mickie is very selective about where she spends her time. She's in no rush to return to the ring unless she believes it's worth the time spent away from our family." Aldis was clear that James' return would not be a hurried attempt to grab attention.

James, a seasoned veteran in the wrestling world, understands the significance of her comeback moment and intends to make it a memorable one. "She's determined to make her return meaningful and impactful," Aldis explained.

"Undoubtedly, she'll reappear in IMPACT Wrestling at some point. But as I've said, it's about timing. She's experienced enough not to rush her return just for the sake of it." James' patience, as per Aldis, represents a carefully planned strategy, making sure her return to IMPACT Wrestling is as significant as the contributions she has made in her illustrious career.

As fans eagerly anticipate her comeback, it's clear that Mickie James is carefully crafting her next chapter to ensure it's as memorable and meaningful as possible.

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