Sonya Deville Revels in Constant Relevance and Engagement, No Title Needed

WWE's Sonya Deville discusses her unique journey in wrestling.

by Noman Rasool
Sonya Deville Revels in Constant Relevance and Engagement, No Title Needed

In a recent candid conversation with Maria Menounos, WWE superstar Sonya Deville she has opened up about the secret of her staying power in the WWE. Though she yearns for a championship belt, Deville takes pride in the fact that her impact and presence in the wrestling world extend beyond mere titles.

"Although the dream of winning a championship looms large, I find a unique satisfaction in staying booked, busy, and relevant without one. My ability to trend even without a championship is a testament to my enduring appeal," Deville proclaimed.

She sees this as a challenge that adds to her sense of accomplishment, a testament to her ability to stay relevant in the competitive wrestling world.

Deville and The Miz: Shared Trajectories

She also drew parallels between herself and fellow WWE talent, The Miz.

She sees commonalities in their characters and career trajectories, inspiring her to forge ahead. "Mike [The Miz] and I often discuss how our characters and careers share a lot of parallels. The strength of my character lies not just in winning but in its ability to talk and maneuver its way around or out of situations.

This gives me immense pride as a performer," said Deville, implying that championship glory will come soon. "As much as one aspires for it, I am also thrilled by the prospect of what the future holds for me once that belt is secured.

With an already illustrious career of eight years behind me sans the title, one can only imagine the sky-high limits I can reach with a championship," she added confidently. In her concluding thoughts, Deville said she would rather be termed 'underrated' than 'overrated.'

This, she explained, stems from her inclination to prove naysayers wrong and outperform expectations.
"I have always felt that being called underrated fuels my determination to reach my full potential. It's like being the comeback kid, starting slow and then surprising everyone by prevailing.

I firmly believe that every path, no matter how long or winding, will ultimately lead me to my goals. This unshakeable faith in my journey and the universe fuels my will to persist and prevail," Deville concluded with an optimistic smile.

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