Elias on Support from McMahons

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Elias on Support from McMahons

This week on Smackdown, we did not see the appearance of Roman Reigns and Elias. They are on WWE’s European tour and are working for the RAW brand. The WWE did release a post-Smackdown video which featured Elias. He was talking to Sarah Schreiber about the confidence that he gets for his fight with Roman Reigns at the Money in the Bank event.

"My reflection," Elias answered. "When Roman Reigns looks in the mirror he sees his true self, a weak, broken down shell of what he used to be. But when I look in the mirror I see the greatest acquisition in SmackDown Live history.

The power of Elias has been insane and the support has been overwhelming." He also went on to say, that he wasn’t talking about the support that he received from the WWE Universe. Instead, he spoke about the support that he received by Vince McMahon and his family who he believes are the true kingmakers of the WWE.

He said that the McMahons are the ones that actually matter. He also spoke about Shane McMahon supporting him during his beat down to Reigns. "At Money In the Bank, Roman Reigns is going to realize that he is no longer the one chosen to carry WWE on its back, because now and forever, WWE stands for Walk With Elias," he said."