Cyndi Lauper Expresses Openness to Collaborate with WWE Again

Exploring Cyndi Lauper's enduring legacy within WWE history.

by Noman Rasool
Cyndi Lauper Expresses Openness to Collaborate with WWE Again

Grammy award-winning music icon, Cyndi Lauper, has left a significant imprint on the wrestling juggernaut, WWE, with her trailblazing contributions that helped shape the company's image and popularity. In a recent episode of "The Bump," WWE correspondents had a chance to connect with Lauper during her appearance on the red carpet at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival in Lower Manhattan.

One of the topics that surfaced during the conversation was the possibility of Lauper partnering with WWE again. "Well, I'm not certain," Lauper responded, her answer shrouded in a veil of mystery. "But I've always had that special affinity with wrestling.

So, who knows?"

Lauper's Historic Influence on WWE

Enthusiastic supporters often advocate for the recognition of Lauper's contributions to WWE by championing her induction into the esteemed celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame.

Lauper's affiliation with wrestling extends beyond the ring as she famously included prominent wrestlers such as "Captain" Lou Albano and The Iron Sheik in her music videos. Her iconic hit "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" played a crucial role in fostering the Rock N' Wrestling connection in the 1980s.

This association significantly bolstered WWE's publicity, leading to the inaugural WrestleMania event. At this pivotal event, Lauper took on the manager role for Wendi Richter in her bout against Lelani Kai. This high-profile association is a catalyst that propelled WWE into mainstream popularity.

Lauper's involvement set a precedent, with WWE continuing to incorporate celebrities in various capacities — with varying degrees of success. A direct correlation can be drawn from Lauper's pioneering role as Richter's manager to recent noteworthy celebrity participation—for instance, the much-lauded wrestling debut of international music star Bad Bunny against Damian Priest.

Moreover, the recent announcement of famed YouTuber Logan Paul's participation in this year's Money in the Bank match on an episode of "Raw" serves as further evidence of this trend. In sum, while Cyndi Lauper's return to WWE remains an open question, her historical impact on the organization and the continued influence of her precedent are unquestionable.