Konnan Slams AEW Stars as "Highly Unprofessional," Vows Unforgettable Response


Konnan Slams AEW Stars as "Highly Unprofessional," Vows Unforgettable Response

Veteran wrestling personality Konnan, known for his association with WCW, recently expressed his disappointment with two rising stars in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), Bandido and Rush. While Konnan has been effusive in his praise for many AEW talents, his comments regarding Bandido and Rush shed light on what he perceives as unprofessional behavior and his troubled history with the duo.

Bandido, an acclaimed performer who garnered attention in the wrestling industry, finally joined AEW in 2022 amidst great anticipation. Similarly, Rush, a highly respected figure in the business, coincidentally inked a deal with AEW in the same year, adding to the uncertainty surrounding their arrival.

During a recent episode of the podcast "Keepin' It 100," Konnan delved into the challenges he encountered while working with Bandido, citing a specific behavior that he found unprofessional. "One thing that bothered me, and I consider it very unprofessional, is that he [Bandido] never answered the damn phone.

Many of these wrestlers come to the United States, develop an inflated ego, and start acting entitled. What happens to them in AEW if they're released or suffer an injury? I won't just brush it off," expressed Konnan candidly.

Konnan's Grievances with Rush

Continuing his commentary, Konnan delved into his tumultuous relationship with Rush, shedding light on the issues that arose and his perception of changes in both individuals. "Rush was upset because he felt underutilized.

Moreover, Rush demands an excessive amount of money. I found his actions to be highly unprofessional. But, you know, they acquire some power, find themselves in the United States, and unfortunately, they misuse that power and engage in such behavior," Konnan revealed.

With Konnan's scathing comments, it remains to be seen how these revelations will impact the relationships between the veteran wrestler and the two accused talents, Bandido and Rush. As the wrestling world waits to witness the potential fallout, the focus shifts to the parties involved, leaving fans and industry insiders intrigued by the unfolding drama.

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