Mark Henry Discusses AEW Role, Reminisces Joining Decision


Mark Henry Discusses AEW Role, Reminisces Joining Decision

In a recent interview on the Insight podcast, professional wrestling legend Mark Henry opened up about his decision to join All Elite Wrestling (AEW), his present role within the organization, and his interaction with the up-and-coming talent.

Discussing how the opportunity with AEW arose, Henry candidly revealed an unplanned encounter with Tony Khan, the founder, and president of AEW, that led to an unexpected job offer. Henry fondly recalled Khan questioning him about his retirement from wrestling, to which Henry responded, "Man, I don't want to do it anymore.

I'm old." Despite the jest, he sincerely desired to transition to an executive role, where he could contribute towards building the business. Khan was thrilled at the prospect, and an official offer was extended within the same day.

Henry's Mentorship Role at AEW

Henry explained his role at AEW; he primarily focuses on guiding the wrestlers' psychological development rather than physically training them or producing matches. His role is more of a mentor, helping individuals refine their personas and characters, thereby enhancing their on-screen performances.

He said, "I go to each guy and talk to them about their personas. I suggest tweaks here and there, and we go back and forth." Speaking about the talents he works with, Henry lavished praise on Orange Cassidy and Will Hobbs.

He admired their passion and drove to be the best in the ring. Cassidy's eagerness to absorb advice and his inherent intelligence make him a joy to work with. Similarly, Hobbs' hard-hitting intensity and dedication also impressed Henry.

His AEW role allows him to spot potential in budding wrestlers and encourage them to outperform their peers and their own expectations. He said, "I love people that are like, 'Man, they got me on fifth; it's gonna suck for everybody that's going after me.'

That's the kind of ambition I love to see." This discussion painted an honest picture of Mark Henry's rewarding journey from the wrestling ring to the executive boardroom and his ongoing commitment to nurturing the future of professional wrestling.

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