Murphy's Debut, and Match Changes

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Murphy's Debut, and Match Changes

Buddy Murphy was a 205 live superstar and he will make his Smackdown in-ring debut pretty soon. He did extremely well at 205 live and was able to dominate his opponents. He was present at Smackdown live during a commercial break which took place at the KFC Yum!

Center in Louisville, KY. Ali vs. Andrade took place before that and Ali won that match by disqualification. Murphy came out to issue a warning to all the superstars of the Smackdown roster. "Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Buddy Murphy and you may not know who I am, but you will," Murphy said.

"See, for the past year I've destroyed the entire cruiserweight division, including Ali. That's why I know Ali is not going to win the Money In the Bank Ladder Match. But I want you to enjoy this moment as long as you can because 'The Best Kept Secret' is coming.

Then everyone will know my name." The matches that were cancelled for this week’s Smackdown are: Charlotte Flair, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose vs. Carmella
Bayley and Ember Moon These matches were supposed to happen but did not happen.

Rose and Deville’s team beat Carmella and Moon’s team. We do not know why Flair and Bayley were not part of the match. The match was most likely changed 1-3 hours before the show went on air.