Ex-WCW Star Advises Karrion Kross to Revert to Prior Look

Karrion Kross's recent image shift has sparked notable discussion.

by Noman Rasool
Ex-WCW Star Advises Karrion Kross to Revert to Prior Look

After returning to WWE under the guidance of Triple H following a dismal main roster run under Vince McMahon, Karrion Kross has noticeably changed his appearance, now wearing his hair longer than his earlier bald look. The shift in Kross's image has sparked discussion among wrestling fans and experts alike.

Former WCW star Disco Inferno recently shared his perspective during an episode of the 'Keepin' It 100' podcast, where he suggested Kross should revert to his old NXT look.

Inferno Critiques Kross's Character Shift

Disco Inferno addressed the heart of the issue, stating, "This is the problem with Karrion Kross.

I believe he would've gotten over if he emerged on the WWE scene in the same character he was introduced to in NXT. Instead, he moved to the main roster, where his character was under-utilized. They put a helmet on him, which stripped him of his uniqueness.

It was as if they neutered him." "When Triple H came back," Inferno continued, "he immediately repositioned Kross from the previous perception of him as the helmeted wrestler Jeff Hardy was defeating. There was an attempt to re-imagine him in competition with heavy hitters like Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns." However, Inferno believes this rebranding could have been done better.

He explained, "Kross didn't look the same anymore. He had hair, and we've never seen his character presented this way since his NXT days. He has not been able to embody his NXT character fully, and this change feels strange." The former WCW star offered his advice to Kross, suggesting a return to the roots of his success.

"I think Kross should cut his hair and go back," Inferno asserted, "and let's try to get back to what worked." Whether or not Karrion Kross will heed Disco Inferno's advice remains to be seen. However, the debate underscores the constant evolution of wrestlers' characters and the challenge they face in maintaining their original appeal while adapting to the ever-changing landscape of the wrestling world.

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