"Dave Meltzer: Logan Paul's Potential WWE Money in the Bank Victory Justified"

"Wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer shares intriguing insight on WWE's Money in the Bank briefcase."

by Noman Rasool
"Dave Meltzer: Logan Paul's Potential WWE Money in the Bank Victory Justified"

Logan Paul's surprising announcement of his participation in the upcoming men's Money in the Bank ladder match on "WWE Raw" has sparked discussions and speculations among fans and experts alike. Among those voicing their opinions is renowned wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer, who recently shared his thoughts on why Paul should emerge victorious in the high-stakes match.

During a recent episode of the "Wrestling Observer Radio" show, Meltzer expressed his belief that Paul should win the Money in the Bank match, citing the potential for tremendous publicity and excitement surrounding such an outcome.

Acknowledging that Paul's involvement could generate substantial media attention, Meltzer saw it as an opportunity for WWE to capitalize on his celebrity status.

"Refreshing the Briefcase Narrative"

Meltzer further addressed the common complaint about the briefcase's continuous presence on television, suggesting that having Paul as the briefcase holder occasionally could add a fresh dynamic to the mix.

Having the briefcase appear sporadically rather than every week; it could help maintain its intrigue and make it a more unique and meaningful element within the WWE narrative. Moreover, Meltzer floated the idea of Paul potentially defeating Seth Rollins, a prominent WWE Superstar, for the coveted WWE World Heavyweight Championship at some point.

While this hypothetical scenario might involve Paul eventually losing the title, Meltzer emphasized that it wouldn't be a source of embarrassment, unlike the infamous decision to crown actor David Arquette as champion in WCW years ago.

Meltzer lauded Paul's abilities, stating that he possesses exceptional mic skills, a striking appearance, and commendable in-ring knowledge, making him a valuable asset to WWE. Highlighting Paul's substantial celebrity status, Meltzer contended that the social media influencer surpasses the entire WWE roster in mainstream recognition.

Given this distinction, Meltzer argued that WWE would have nothing to lose by pushing Paul as a major player in the company, as his presence would undoubtedly attract significant attention from both wrestling fans and a broader audience.

In conclusion, Dave Meltzer, an esteemed wrestling journalist, has presented a compelling case for Logan Paul's potential victory in the WWE Money in the Bank ladder match. With the promise of heightened publicity, the opportunity to refresh the briefcase concept, and Paul's celebrity status and remarkable skills, Meltzer believes that WWE should seriously consider capitalizing on this unique opportunity.

Only time will tell if WWE decides to align with Meltzer's perspective and pave the way for an unexpected turn of events at the upcoming Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

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