Dave Meltzer Advocates for Logan Paul Victory in WWE Money in the Bank 2023


Dave Meltzer Advocates for Logan Paul Victory in WWE Money in the Bank 2023
Dave Meltzer Advocates for Logan Paul Victory in WWE Money in the Bank 2023

Logan Paul's surprising announcement of his participation in the highly anticipated men's Money in the Bank ladder match on "WWE Raw" has sparked speculation and debate among wrestling enthusiasts. As the countdown to the event intensifies, renowned wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer, from Wrestling Observer, has voiced his opinion on who should emerge victorious and capture the coveted briefcase.

During a recent episode of the "Wrestling Observer Radio" show, Meltzer expressed his belief that Logan Paul should emerge triumphant from the match. While acknowledging that the outcome is uncertain, Meltzer emphasized the potential benefits of a Paul victory.

He highlighted the immense publicity that would accompany such an outcome, drawing attention to the undeniable impact that Logan Paul's massive following could have on the WWE brand.

Meltzer Advocates for Logan Paul's Triumph

Meltzer further articulated his perspective on the significance of the briefcase's presence.

While acknowledging that the prolonged presence of the briefcase can become tiresome, he posited that sporadic appearances of the coveted prize would make it more captivating. Therefore, Meltzer proposed that allowing Logan Paul to win the match and subsequently face off against Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship could create an exciting storyline.

Addressing any potential reservations or criticisms, Meltzer drew a clear distinction between Logan Paul and previous instances where celebrities were involved in professional wrestling. He stressed that unlike the infamous incident involving David Arquette in WCW, where the decision was widely regarded as a regrettable embarrassment, Logan Paul possesses the necessary attributes to justify his inclusion.

Meltzer praised Paul's charisma, physical appearance, in-ring abilities, and his status as a bona fide celebrity, surpassing anyone currently affiliated with the WWE. In conclusion, Meltzer advocated for Logan Paul's triumph in the Money in the Bank ladder match, emphasizing the potential positive impact on publicity and the unique appeal of intermittent briefcase appearances.

While aware of possible detractors, Meltzer maintained that Logan Paul's qualities and popularity make him a viable candidate deserving of consideration. As anticipation builds for the event in London, England on July 1, the WWE Universe awaits the outcome with heightened intrigue, eager to witness how this unexpected development unfolds.

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