Becky Lynch Opens Up About Struggling with Postpartum Depression

Becky Lynch's Courageous Revelation Sheds Light on Postpartum Struggles.

by Atia Mukhtar
Becky Lynch Opens Up About Struggling with Postpartum Depression

WWE superstar Becky Lynch has bravely opened up about her personal battle with postpartum depression, shedding light on the struggles she faced after giving birth to her daughter Roux in December 2020. Lynch, who took an extended break from her wrestling career to start a family with her partner Seth Rollins, recently revealed that she experienced post-weaning depression after she stopped breastfeeding.

In a candid interview with People, Lynch shared how her difficult journey unfolded around the time of WrestleMania 39 in April. "And then it kind of got really, really dark for a few months, and I was in a really bad spot," she confessed.

Despite having a fulfilling life with a loving husband, a beautiful baby, and a successful career in her passion, Lynch found herself unable to reason with her own mind and overcome the overwhelming depression she was facing.

Unawareness Exacerbated Lynch's Struggle

What made the situation even more challenging for Lynch was her lack of awareness about post-weaning depression, a condition not commonly discussed. The 36-year-old wrestling sensation admitted that she didn't know why she was feeling the way she did until a fellow mother in WWE, whose name she chose to keep private, reached out and shared her own experience.

"Thankfully, somebody that we all know—I won't put her on the spot—she told me what was happening because it had happened to her," Lynch revealed. The support and guidance from this fellow WWE mom allowed Lynch to gain a better understanding of her condition and learn coping mechanisms.

However, she had initially hoped that the depression would pass on its own, but as time went on, she realized that it wasn't going away as easily as she had anticipated. Coinciding with her struggle, Lynch suffered a foot injury after WrestleMania, which forced her to take a brief hiatus from the ring.

During this time, she explored various approaches to manage her depression, including meditation, supplements, and acupuncture. Gradually, Lynch began to regain her strength and returned to action at WWE Night of Champions on May 27, where she had a highly anticipated match against Trish Stratus.

By opening up about her battle with postpartum depression, Becky Lynch has shown immense courage and vulnerability, shattering the stigma surrounding mental health struggles. Her story serves as a reminder that even those who seemingly have it all can face challenging times, and seeking support and understanding is crucial for one's well-being.

Lynch's willingness to share her journey will undoubtedly inspire others and contribute to raising awareness about postpartum depression, helping others navigate through similar difficulties.

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