CM Punk on WWE’s Schedule vs. Fighter’s Schedule

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CM Punk on WWE’s Schedule vs. Fighter’s Schedule

CM Punk was with Jake Hager. Jake Hager was known as Jack Swagger when he was competing inside the WWE. They were at the Sauce & Shram show recently. On the show, Punk spoke about the tight schedule that WWE wrestlers have to deal with.

"To speak on that, I love being able to train and then go home," Punk said. "If I'm dinged up, well, I'm in my own bed every night. It's not like waking up at 5:30 every morning, you're afraid you're going to miss your flight and there's a connection, and if you miss the connection then you're not going to be able to get home.

I can appreciate not wanting to do that anymore. "Obviously, people fighting and training is hard, but from where we came from, it makes almost anything easy. They say when you wrestle, it makes everything in life easier, and I think that's a great perspective to have”.

It is true that most WWE wrestlers that are famous have to wrestle almost every single week. They also have to do multiple live events sometimes which increase the risk of injury. They also do not get time to recover from injuries.

Most WWE wrestlers do not get enough time to spend with their families. They even stay months away from home during tours and special events.