Xavier Woods Expresses Interest in New Day's Six-Man Tag with AEW Stable


Xavier Woods Expresses Interest in New Day's Six-Man Tag with AEW Stable

As WWE's famous trio, The New Day, approaches its decade-long journey in 2024, Xavier Woods, one of the prominent members, is already contemplating some grand celebration concepts. In a recent interview with "My Love Letter To Wrestling," Xavier Woods shared some of his captivating ideas about commemorating this significant milestone.

According to Woods, an ideal way to mark their 10th anniversary would be an immersive trip to Tokyo. "My dream scenario would be to spend an entire week at the various gaming arcades in Tokyo, soaking in the culture and creating an engaging video documentation of our experiences.

That would be an extraordinary way to honor our decade-long journey," Woods envisioned. The former King of the Ring winner doesn't merely seek to relish video games in Tokyo; he aspires to broaden his wrestling footprint to uncharted territories.

"I yearn to compete against every accomplished wrestler in the industry," Woods stated. In response to a query about his potential adversaries, he confessed his inclination towards facing off against The Young Bucks, an esteemed tag team from AEW (All Elite Wrestling).

Xavier Woods Proposes Unprecedented Inter-Promotion Showdown

Expanding on this idea, Woods intriguingly suggested that The New Day would be eager to participate in a six-man tag team match with The Elite, a prominent faction in AEW.

Such a contest would represent an unprecedented inter-promotion showdown between the wrestling groups. Woods does have some past professional connection with The Young Bucks. When the team was operating under the name Generation Me, they had squared off against Woods (performing as Consequences Creed at that time), and Jay Lethal in a series of TNA house shows back in February 2010.

However, this potential rivalry was abruptly suspended when Woods decided to leave the organization just a month later. Beyond the wrestling rings, Woods shares a special connection with Omega, a member of The Elite, through their mutual passion for video games.

Despite representing different wrestling promotions, Woods insists that gaming fosters a unique platform for talent to cross the stringent borders that wrestling companies tend to create. He perceives this as a unique opportunity to transcend these corporate divisions and foster a more unified wrestling community.

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