Street Profits' Second Consecutive Loss Shocks SmackDown


Street Profits' Second Consecutive Loss Shocks SmackDown

In a surprising turn of events on the latest episode of WWE SmackDown, the formidable duo known as The Street Profits suffered an unexpected defeat at the hands of Pretty Deadly in an intense tag team match. Just a week ago, Elton Prince and Kit Wilson showcased their remarkable skills and resilience as they triumphed over several other formidable tag teams, ultimately defeating The Brawling Brutes in a grueling gauntlet match.

Their impressive victory earned them the esteemed status of becoming the number one contenders for the prestigious Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship.

Championship Showdown Looms: Street Profits Prepare

With their eyes firmly set on the ultimate prize, Prince and Wilson were scheduled to challenge the reigning champions, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, for the coveted gold on the highly anticipated Money in the Bank go-home edition of SmackDown.

As anticipation built for their championship clash, the dynamic duo appeared as guests on Grayson Waller's talk show, where they discussed their upcoming bout and shared their unwavering determination. However, their interview took an unexpected turn when they were abruptly interrupted by Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford, a talented tag team eager to prove their own mettle.

The confrontation swiftly escalated, leading to a heated confrontation between the two duos and culminating in a thrilling tag team match. During the high-octane encounter, the Street Profits unleashed their signature double-team maneuvers on Prince, demonstrating their remarkable teamwork and agility.

As they prepared to secure the victory, Kit Wilson intervened just in the nick of time, shattering their hopes of triumph. In a strategic move, Dawkins promptly dispatched Wilson outside the ring, refocusing their attention on Prince.

In a heart-stopping moment, Ford ascended the turnbuckle, poised for a decisive strike. However, fate dealt a cruel hand when he was unexpectedly shoved from his perch, crashing hard onto the canvas. Seizing the opportunity, Kit Wilson swiftly rolled Ford into a pinning combination, leaving the Street Profits stunned and Pretty Deadly reveling in an astonishing victory.

The shocking loss for the Street Profits not only halted their winning momentum but also cast a shadow of doubt over their impending title match. As they lick their wounds and regroup, the dynamic duo must now confront the reality that their road to championship glory may be more arduous than anticipated.

Will they find the strength and resilience to rebound from this setback and reclaim their position at the top of the tag team division? The WWE Universe eagerly awaits their next move as the exhilarating saga continues on SmackDown.

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