Rey Mysterio's SmackDown Mishap: Legend's Reaction to WWE's Surprising Finish


Rey Mysterio's SmackDown Mishap: Legend's Reaction to WWE's Surprising Finish
Rey Mysterio's SmackDown Mishap: Legend's Reaction to WWE's Surprising Finish

Rey Mysterio and LA Knight faced off in an exciting showdown on this week's episode of SmackDown, treating fans to a rare single match between the two WWE superstars. However, the game's ending left many questioning whether WWE had made a last-minute decision to change the planned outcome.

Wrestling veteran Dutch Mantell, also known as Zeb Colter, has since come forward to deny these speculations. Working alongside a legendary figure like Rey Mysterio was undoubtedly a dream come true for LA Knight. The charismatic Knight has been garnering significant attention on the roster, making his clash with Mysterio all the more anticipated among fans.

In a display of his selfless nature, Mysterio ultimately falls victim to Knight's prowess in the ring, succumbing to defeat after a beautiful encounter. However, the final sequences of the match raised eyebrows and led to speculation that WWE officials might have altered the planned finish during the bout.

Dutch Mantell Debunks Finish Change Speculations

Addressing the situation, Dutch Mantell, a respected authority in the wrestling industry, dismissed claims of a mid-match finish change. He admired Mysterio's remarkable in-ring skills, describing the Lucha libre icon as near-perfect in his craft.

Recognizing the unpredictable nature of professional wrestling, Mantell acknowledged that mistakes could happen but was inclined to believe that the match's conclusion went according to plan. "Mysterio was so good. He is almost perfect in his work, and sometimes things like that happen.

This might have been the first time they [Rey Mysterio and LA Knight] worked, right? The finish was not changed mid-match. I think they just got off-focus, and it messed up. But I think the right guy won." Mantell's statement reassures fans, affirming that the intended outcome of the match remained intact.

While unforeseen mishaps can occur within professional wrestling, the final result, with LA Knight emerging victorious, was the planned decision. As the WWE Universe continues to dissect the details of this memorable clash between Rey Mysterio and LA Knight, it is evident that the magic and unpredictability of the squared circle can still leave fans questioning what transpires inside the ring.

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