Heyman: Reigns' Title Run Tops Previous WWE Champions

Paul Heyman Defends Roman Reigns' Unmatched Championship Reign

by Noman Rasool
Heyman: Reigns' Title Run Tops Previous WWE Champions

Paul Heyman, renowned as "The Special Counsel" to Roman Reigns, exceeds the boundaries of a mere advocate. Not only does he serve as a charismatic hype man for "The Tribal Chief," but he also imparts invaluable wisdom and guidance to the Undisputed WWE Universal Heavyweight Champion.

Having established himself as one of the most excellent managers in the history of professional wrestling, Heyman's enduring habits include consistently showering Reigns with praise at every opportunity. During his appearance on "The Pat McAfee Show," the astute "Wiseman" presented a compelling case, relying on absolute numbers and metrics to speak for Reigns' greatness.

Reigns Reigns Supreme

Drawing an analogy to a Wild West shootout, Heyman expressed, "When you are the top gunslinger, everyone claims they can draw the gun faster, but nobody truly can." With Reigns firmly establishing himself as the absolute number one biggest box office attraction of all time, Heyman pointed to the undeniable evidence of staggering WrestleMania grosses, the impressive numbers generated in Saudi Arabia, and the resounding success in London and Cardiff.

Furthermore, even after losing Pat McAfee as a color commentator, the ratings on 'Smackdown' continued to soar, serving as a testament to Reigns' drawing power. The undeniable truth behind Reigns' supremacy in the wrestling world becomes apparent through these metrics, leaving little room for doubt or skepticism.

However, Heyman acknowledges the propensity of others to criticize and challenge Reigns due to his unrivaled position. He remarked, "So, everyone wants to take their pokes and criticism of Roman Reigns. Of course, they do because he's the undisputed number one.

And when you are the undisputed number one, everybody claims they can do the thing ... Until someone can knock him off that throne, we'll have to live with the criticism." Heyman further emphasized Reigns' unparalleled achievements, contrasting them with those of legendary WWE Champions from the past.

Comparing Reigns to iconic figures like Steve Austin, John Cena, and The Rock, Heyman highlighted the remarkable distinction of Reigns holding the title for a thousand days in this era of immense pressure and fierce competition.

Reigns' resume boasts triumphs against formidable opponents such as Brock Lesnar, a victory over John Cena, and a historic main event clash against Edge and Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania. Even in narrow escapes, such as his encounter with Cody Rhodes, Reigns has exhibited resilience and emerged victorious.

The list of legendary names vanquished by Reigns is a testament to his dominance over an all-time incredible roster. The overwhelming evidence Heyman presents leaves little room for dispute regarding Reigns' status as one of the most prolific WWE Champions in history.

However, for those who dare to argue, Heyman's formidable rhetoric stands ready to counter their claims. His attention is primarily focused on the impending Bloodline Civil War, set to unfold at Money in the Bank on July 1, 2023, at London's O2 Arena.

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