Booker T Praises Punk's AEW Collision Debut Promo


Booker T Praises Punk's AEW Collision Debut Promo

In the most recent edition of his widely-followed Hall of Fame podcast, professional wrestling legend Booker T opened up about former world champion CM Punk's impactful return to the AEW (All Elite Wrestling) on its premiere episode of 'Collision.'

Praising Punk's captivating promo that cleverly snuck in some indirect jabs at The Elite, Booker T voiced his belief that this was the comeback speech Punk should have made initially upon his AEW debut in 2021. Recalling Punk's recent performance, Booker commented, "That was the promo he should've entered with, spotlighting guys like The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, showcasing all the talent present.

His intention, as revealed, was to come and disrupt their established world. That's why I felt he missed an opportunity with his first promo, but he got everything right this time."

Fans' Anticipation Skyrockets Post-Promo

In Booker's opinion, the latest promo gives fans a substantial piece of wrestling narrative to look forward to, as they can now anticipate significant developments.

The anticipation contrasts starkly with the feeling of a lack of progression with some other wrestling promotions. "Now, the fans have something substantial to look forward to, something thrilling on the horizon. It's not just idle chatter about a competing promotion where you know nothing substantial will occur.

Now, we're genuinely discussing the future of wrestling," Booker added. However, the real question that looms large over the wrestling community is whether CM Punk will ever professionally interact with The Elite. While the answer remains a mystery, Booker T firmly believes the time is ripe for them to enter the ring and 'go to work.'

In Booker's words, "If you're going to make such grand statements, we've got to see action follow suit. I am convinced that everyone involved has come to a mutual understanding. Regardless of personal feelings, it's time to put the business first and get to work." So as wrestling fans around the world watch the space eagerly, one thing is sure: there's a lot more action and intrigue to come.

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