Mark Henry Reveals Salmon Suit Secret & Discusses Potential Final Match


Mark Henry Reveals Salmon Suit Secret & Discusses Potential Final Match

In an engaging conversation with Chris Van Vliet, the "World's Strongest Man," Mark Henry revealed the fascinating story behind his infamous fake retirement angle with fellow wrestling legend John Cena. He discussed the memorable attire he chose for the moment - a salmon blazer that has now become iconic.

When asked about the unique selection of his blazer's color, Henry shared, "It was a simple case of love at first sight. I was instantly drawn to the salmon hue amidst a spectrum of blues and greens. The salmon blazer stood out and felt like the perfect match for my retirement announcement." Elaborating on his connection with the jacket, he said, "It was almost as if the jacket chose me instead.

I was immediately captivated by its color, eliciting a chef's kiss reaction from me." The jacket, temporarily lent to WWE for exhibitions at WrestleMania and other events, is now en route back to him. "I plan to set up my exhibit once it returns," added the charismatic wrestler.

Henry Considers One Last Match

Henry, well-known for his strength and agility, has yet to step into the ring for a wrestling match in quite some time. But in an intriguing revelation, the WWE star confessed that he is mulling over the idea of one last fight.

The prospect of a showdown is exciting, albeit challenging, as he's still determining the perfect opponent for this grand farewell. "I've given it some thought, and the question that keeps coming back to me is 'Who?' Who would be the right person to stand opposite me in the ring for that final match?" Henry pondered.

He proposed the idea of a fan poll to decide his final opponent. "But, it must happen soon because, with every passing day, I'm leaning towards letting it remain a beautiful thought," he cautioned. As for the prospect of this last match occurring in AEW, he expressed an open mind, albeit cautiously.

"I need to consider it carefully, see how my body responds to training again, given that it's been years since I took a bump. But I am certainly open to having a conversation about it," Henry concluded, leaving fans in suspense about his potential return to the wrestling ring.

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