The Softer Side of Roman Reigns

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The Softer Side of Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is one of the most famous WWE wrestlers of the world right now. He made a comeback a few months ago after recovering from cancer. Before taking time out, Reigns was a baby face, but he wasn’t liked by the WWE Universe.

He received a massive push at that time as Vince McMahon liked him. Ever has earned the respect of the WWE fans ever since he came back. At the moment, he claims that he is better than ever in a video that WWE posted. He said that his path back to the ring has been nothing short of extra-ordinary.

He also stated that he wants to get to the top of the WWE Mountain again. "I've never had an opponent that's pushed me to this level, that's in a strange way made me a better person, made me feel more connected and truer to who I really am," Reigns said of cancer.

"This is the one rivalry that's going to do more for people than any wrestling match could do. I know I've shown a softer side and a very thankful and focused side, but I don't want people to be confused about this.

When I step into this building, it's business. Nobody took my title from me, nobody took that position on the mountain from me. I'm not asking for anybody to give it to me, but don't be surprised when I take it."