Bischoff Regrets Not Recruiting WWE Star for WCW

Delving into the missed opportunities in wrestling's golden era.

by Noman Rasool
Bischoff Regrets Not Recruiting WWE Star for WCW

In a recent candid interview, Eric Bischoff, the former executive producer and president of World Championship Wrestling (WCW), expressed his regret for not capitalizing on an opportunity to recruit former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star Ken Shamrock during the heyday of the WCW.

This revelation emerged while discussing his strategic decisions to engage prominent figures from the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in the professional wrestling realm. Bischoff is no stranger to infusing MMA talent into professional wrestling storylines, with a notable example being his decision to bring MMA veteran Tank Abbott into the WCW.

The association between Abbott and the promotion left a memorable imprint on the wrestling industry. Despite this, the ambitious Bischoff conceded that he overlooked a potentially game-changing opportunity with Ken Shamrock, a decision he now recognizes as a misstep.
"Shamrock may have never been interested in coming to WCW," Bischoff mused, "I just didn't feel there was a spot in our lineup for him then."

Bischoff's Regret over Shamrock

As the conversation continued, the wistfulness in Bischoff's tone was evident.

He acknowledged the missed opportunity, saying, "Looking back, I kind of regret it because Ken Shamrock is, was, and continues to be a compelling character. His persona is something I've come to appreciate." Bischoff confessed that he is a Shamrock fan, not just for his in-ring prowess but also for his life outside the ring.

"Whenever I come across his interviews now, where he discusses MMA or appears in documentaries recounting his past, I'm thoroughly impressed. He is indeed an impressive individual!" Bischoff further conveyed his admiration for Shamrock's background and the compelling narrative of his journey, including his brother, Frank Shamrock.

He said, "I'm intrigued by the narrative of his life story, the story of the Shamrock brothers. I wish I had paid closer attention to him back then." In retrospect, Eric Bischoff's reflections serve as a compelling testament to the unpredictable landscape of professional wrestling.

His candid confessions underscore the significance of taking calculated risks and the sometimes lasting impact of the paths not taken. His reflection also highlights Ken Shamrock's enduring influence in the wrestling world, something that Bischoff deeply appreciates even today.