Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez Lock in WWE Women's Tag Team Championship


Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez Lock in WWE Women's Tag Team Championship
Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez Lock in WWE Women's Tag Team Championship

Following Liv Morgan's triumphant return to WWE television on the latest episode of "WWE SmackDown," fans eagerly awaited news of her impending in-ring comeback. The wait is over, as it has been confirmed that Morgan will step back into the squared circle alongside her partner Raquel Rodriguez at the highly anticipated Money in the Bank event in London, England.

Their mission? To dethrone the reigning and undefeated WWE Women's Tag Team Champions, Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey, and reclaim the unjustly removed titles. The official announcement was made on the informative "SmackDown Lowdown" segment, which shed light on Morgan's challenge following her return from a shoulder injury that had sidelined her for a brief period.

Initial concerns regarding the severity of her injury and the possibility of surgery have been put to rest, as Morgan's swift recovery defied all expectations. With her partner Rodriguez by her side, Morgan wasted no time issuing the challenge to Baszler and Rousey right after their successful title unification matches against "WWE NXT" Women's Tag Team Champions Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre.

"Redemption Reignites: Morgan and Rodriguez Challenge Champs"

No strangers to Morgan's competitive spirit, the champions graciously accepted the challenge, setting the stage for an electrifying showdown. Morgan's history with Rousey and Baszler is marked by fierce rivalries, especially in her pursuit of the "SmackDown" Women's Championship during the latter part of 2022.

This impending clash at Money in the Bank represents a shot at redemption for Morgan and Rodriguez and promises to reignite past feuds and rivalries, captivating the WWE Universe. Baszler and Rousey are basking in the glory of their maiden WWE Women's Tag Team Championship reign, having captured the vacant titles in a high-stakes fatal-4-way tag team match weeks ago.

While they stand as formidable champions, their upcoming bout against the tenacious duo of Rodriguez and Morgan will test their mettle like never before. Notably, this will be their second title defense overall and the first on a WWE Premium Live Event, adding an extra layer of anticipation and intensity to the already highly anticipated encounter.

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