Booker T Urges WWE to Boost LA Knight's Stardom

Delving into WWE dynamics, Booker T shares insider insights.

by Noman Rasool
Booker T Urges WWE to Boost LA Knight's Stardom

In the latest edition of the Hall of Fame podcast, former five-time world champion Booker T he was reflected on the meteoric rise of WWE superstar LA Knight. Alongside his co-host Brad Gilmore, the duo shared their perspective on LA Knight's burgeoning popularity among WWE fans.

Unafraid to mince his words, Booker T appealed to the WWE top brass to stop dallying and grant LA Knight the championship title. His glowing endorsement of LA Knight was evident when he remarked, "Put the rocket on him, man.

I mean, quit messing around. Put the title on him. When you got a guy like him, he's rare. He's an organic talent who has managed to carve his path. When you encounter talents like that, you have to deploy them into the game. That's just how it is from my school of thought.

So, observing that dude weave his magic right now, it's been truly awe-inspiring."

LA Knight: Maximizing Minimal Opportunities

Booker T, an industry veteran, made a point to praise LA Knight's ability to do a lot with what he characterized as very little given to him by WWE.

The wrestling legend has been watching LA Knight take minimal opportunities and turn them into golden moments on TV. "I've seen him given a smidgen of opportunity, then go out there and enhance it with some garnishing, making it feel good.

You naturally want to rally behind him," Booker continued. "He hasn't been handpicked as the chosen one or anything. But another philosophy that I firmly believe in is that you have to win through attrition. You have to bide your time and wait until the crowd thins out.

When you step out from behind that curtain, there's a surge of energy, and the audience knows something big is about to unfold. It's inevitable." As he concluded his thoughts, Booker T was pleased to see LA Knight receiving recognition.

"I'm just glad to see him finally getting his well-deserved accolades," he stated, underlying his respect for the rising WWE star.

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