2017 NXT Return: Chris Hero Scene Required Multiple Takes


2017 NXT Return: Chris Hero Scene Required Multiple Takes

Wrestling legend Chris Hero, renowned by WWE fans as Kassius Ohno, recently took a trip down memory lane on the It List Podcast, shedding light on his emotional journey in NXT. Hero's 2017 return to NXT proved quite an experience, especially his comeback segment featuring the talented Bobby Roode, which required several retakes to reach perfection.

Recounting his return, Hero expressed, "I vividly remember the day I returned to NXT in 2017. We were filming this captivating scene with Bobby Roode. We delivered our best, but when we returned to the director, they asked us to redo it.

So, we went out, gave it another shot, and returned only to hear the same instruction." Persevering, Hero and his team staged the scene for the third time. "It was quite surreal," he said. "Each time, we had to capture the novelty and freshness of the first take, which was challenging yet intriguing.

The audience may never know the behind-the-scenes efforts, but the production magic makes it appear as fresh as a first-time scene."

Hero's 'Jelly Knee' Incident

Hero also switched gears to discuss one of his unforgettable matches with Adam Cole in NXT.

A particular incident during this matchup left him with a unique injury, now humorously called "jelly knee." Reflecting on the incident, Hero recalled, "Back in 2002, my knee had a rough time. We sweat under those kneepads, and it just doesn't heal quickly.

I started calling it a 'juicy knee' - a mere surface wound, but the burning sensation was unbearable. I suffered a significant hit during a fancy spear attempt in which I tripped and bruised my knee severely." Years later, in 2018, he was wrestling Adam Cole, a part of AEW.

Hero added, "Our match was entertaining; he's one of my favorite opponents. In an unexpected turn, he pushed me into the ring steps from behind. Due to my height, the top of my knee smashed into the steel steps. It was severely indented initially, but it healed over time, leaving behind a gelatinous, 'jelly knee.' "