Trish Stratus Faces Turbulence in Travel Plans Prior to WWE Raw


Trish Stratus Faces Turbulence in Travel Plans Prior to WWE Raw

Tomorrow's "WWE Raw" edition is poised to be an electrifying lead-up to the highly anticipated Money in the Bank premium live event. However, a potential setback looms as legendary WWE icon Trish Stratus finds herself entangled in travel woes that might hinder her appearance on the show.

Trish Stratus, a revered Hall of Famer, was scheduled to participate in the women's Money in the Bank Summit, a key segment where all the participants of the upcoming ladder match gather in the ring. Unfortunately, Stratus' presence is now uncertain due to the unexpected cancellation of her planned Flight.

Expressing her frustration on Twitter, Stratus revealed, "Flight canceled. But the WWE travel team is working diligently to get me to #WWERaw, as I'm told we need some much-needed star power for this Summit tomorrow. At least there will for sure be some #StarkPower @ZoeyStarkWWE."

Stratus' Protege Holds Fort

While Stratus navigates through this unforeseen hurdle, her protege Zoey Stark remains an integral part of the women's Money in the Bank ladder match and is set to participate in the Summit, regardless of Stratus' availability.

Nonetheless, this segment represents Stratus' final opportunity to confront her rival, Becky Lynch, before the momentous live event in London, England, this Saturday. The outcome now hinges on whether she can make it to the show on time.

If Stratus manages to join the fray, it will mark a historic moment as she steps into her first-ever ladder match, adding another chapter to her illustrious career. The stakes are high, with the possibility of securing a future title shot awaiting the individual who successfully claims the coveted Money in the Bank briefcase.

The WWE Universe eagerly awaits a resolution to this travel quandary, yearning to witness the arrival of Trish Stratus on the red brand's go-home episode before the marquee event. As fans breathe, the WWE travel team tirelessly toils behind the scenes to secure a feasible alternative and ensure Stratus graces the ring with her presence.

Ultimately, the fate of Trish Stratus' appearance hangs in the balance. The wrestling world anxiously awaits news of her arrival, hoping that the formidable WWE legend will overcome these travel obstacles and make an unforgettable impact on "WWE Raw" ahead of the monumental Money in the Bank showdown.

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