WWE Figures Push Back Against McMahon's Last-Minute Show Alterations

Tensions rise in WWE as unexpected script alterations abound.

by Noman Rasool
WWE Figures Push Back Against McMahon's Last-Minute Show Alterations

The ongoing discourse regarding the extent of Vince McMahon's influence over the creative direction of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has gained new momentum since he reclaimed his position in the company in the early months of 2023.

Despite the official declaration that Triple H, or Paul Levesque, is steering the creative helm, McMahon has developed a pattern of conducting regular, last-minute modifications to the scripts of both Raw and SmackDown. Several of these abrupt changes occur on the day of the show itself, resulting in unexpected alterations or cancellations of eagerly anticipated matches, leaving fans surprised and often disappointed.

Dave Meltzer, the renowned commentator on Wrestling Observer Radio, drew attention to the recent SmackDown show that was entirely rewritten by McMahon, sparking speculation of growing dissatisfaction within the creative team of WWE.

McMahon's Disruptive Show Overhauls

Meltzer commented, "McMahon restructured the entire SmackDown show from scratch. There's a swirling rumor that everyone is on their toes, unsure of what comes next. Given the circumstances, it's only logical to assume that a fair share of people are disgruntled, with Paul Levesque being one of them.

Matches meticulously set up, promoted for days, and supplemented with promos are being abruptly discarded as if they're inconsequential." He further expressed his belief that this situation must foster an environment of frustration among the scriptwriters and Levesque.

Meltzer pointed out the catch-22 situation: "This is McMahon we're talking about. No matter who you are in the organization, you don't voice your concerns to him. You can't because the repercussions could be dire." The apparent dilemma is finding an effective strategy to prevent McMahon from making these disruptive last-minute changes.

As one insider suggested, "It would be substantially better if these changes were implemented a day or two prior rather than on the show day." Despite the turmoil, there was a silver lining in the recent Monday episode where McMahon only axed the Seth Rollins and Ciampa match.

Some fans and industry insiders saw this as a positive turn of events, believing that Finn Balor attacking Seth Rollins added an intriguing twist, enhancing the tension leading up to the forthcoming pay-per-view event.