Omega/Ospreay 'Forbidden Door': Backstage Scoop and Health Status


Omega/Ospreay 'Forbidden Door': Backstage Scoop and Health Status

In the wake of the electric rematch between Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay at the AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door event, wrestling fans and backstage pundits are still abuzz. Their previous clash at Wrestle Kingdom 17, which set tongues wagging in January, pales in comparison to the incredible encounter that unfolded last night.

Fightful Select reports that upon their return to the backstage area, both wrestlers received rousing standing ovations. This reception was a testament to their compelling storytelling in the ring, markedly distinct from their previous bout.

The wrestlers' methodical planning and execution gave the match an unexpected and refreshing aura, which the locker rooms of both AEW and NJPW relished.

High-Risk Moves Draw Criticism

However, the match did not go without criticism.

Some viewers voiced concerns about several high-risk moments during the fierce battle, the most notable one being Omega's receipt of a perilous Tiger Driver '91 towards the close of the match. Even though such instances put the health of the performers at risk, it has been reported that both Omega and Ospreay emerged in relatively sound physical condition.

Kenny Omega, for instance, reassured several AEW insiders that he was in good shape post-match. Last night's fierce bout saw Ospreay triumph over Omega, bringing their series of matches this year to a tie at one each. This outcome stirs up speculation about a potential rubber match to break the tie, possibly at the upcoming All In event.

Ospreay, the British-born wrestling sensation, has expressed his keenness to participate, especially considering that the event is set to take place in the iconic Wembley Stadium, located in his homeland. The culmination of the Omega and Ospreay saga at the Forbidden Door event has left wrestling fans on the edge of their seats.

The pair's performance, both lauded and scrutinized, has set the stage for an exciting summer in professional wrestling. As we anticipate the potential tie-breaker, one can only wonder what high-octane drama will unfold in the upcoming months of AEW and NJPW action.