Carmelo Hayes Stays Positive After WWE Raw Debut Loss


Carmelo Hayes Stays Positive After WWE Raw Debut Loss
Carmelo Hayes Stays Positive After WWE Raw Debut Loss

Carmelo Hayes showcased an unwavering spirit despite his loss to Finn Balor during his WWE Raw debut last night, marking his official transition from "WWE NXT" to the main roster. The thrilling contest unfolded for nearly ten minutes, with Hayes impressively executing his offense and appearing to gain an upper hand with a springboard diving DDT, narrowly missing a victory.

However, Finn Balor's seasoned expertise shone through as The Judgment Day tactfully evaded the ring and expertly countered Hayes' kick with a devastating gutbuster. This pivotal moment enabled Balor to seal the deal with a Woo Dropkick, followed by a decisive Coup de Grace.

Hayes Reflects on WWE Debut Loss

Following the conclusion of "Raw," Hayes took a moment to reflect on his WWE main roster debut, displaying a remarkable lack of dismay as he openly acknowledged losing to one of the world's finest wrestlers.

"I have no qualms about accepting a loss against one of the best in the world," Hayes affirmed. "But let me tell you, tomorrow night against Baron Corbin, in the pursuit of the NXT Championship, I might not be at 100 percent, but I firmly believe I can conquer Baron at 75 percent, 50 percent, or even 25 percent.

I know he'll put up a remarkable fight, but I'm ready, my friend." Hayes continued to exude confidence, emphasizing that regardless of any losses, he remains steadfast in his identity as Carmelo Hayes, ultimately considering it a victory in itself.

"While I might have taken a loss, when I look in the mirror, I still see Carmelo Hayes. And that, my friend, is a win." Although Carmelo Hayes made his first appearance on the main roster during Monday's "Raw," the rising star had previously competed in a few matches on "WWE Main Event" earlier this year and participated in a dark match before "WWE SmackDown" in 2022.

Speculation had been rife prior to April's WWE Draft that Hayes would receive a call-up, but fate had different plans. Instead, other talented individuals like Grayson Waller, Zoey Stark, and Cameron Grimes, among numerous others, were granted the opportunity to ascend to the main roster.

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