Pharaoh, Cody Rhodes Beloved Canine, Makes WWE Raw Debut!


Pharaoh, Cody Rhodes Beloved Canine, Makes WWE Raw Debut!
Pharaoh, Cody Rhodes Beloved Canine, Makes WWE Raw Debut!

In a groundbreaking moment for professional wrestling, the illustrious world of WWE welcomed its first-ever canine superstar. Pharaoh, the cherished companion of Cody Rhodes, graced the television screens during Monday's episode of "WWE Raw," marking his long-awaited debut.

The captivating segment unfolded backstage as Rhodes confronted his rival, The Judgment Day, captivating the audience with his magnetic presence. Accompanying Rhodes, Pharaoh donned his iconic "American Nightmare" bandana, exuding loyalty and charm.

During the emotionally charged segment, Rhodes expressed his determination to leave behind his tumultuous history with The Judgment Day by securing a triumph over Dominik Mysterio at the upcoming Money in the Bank event.

Reflecting on his adversaries, Rhodes acknowledged their undeniable prowess in manipulating his mind, stating, "They have been effective, that's a skill. It truly is." However, he remained resolute in his pursuit of victory, emphasizing that Mysterio would not have the support of Finn Balor, Rhea Ripley, or Damian Priest on the fateful night.

With an air of anticipation, Rhodes hinted at an impending revelation, urging the WWE Universe to witness the unfolding events, stating, "So I guess, we will find out what he does have."

Pharaoh Triumphant WWE Return

Pharaoh's presence on WWE programming was a highly-anticipated moment, as it marked his first appearance since an incident at AEW All Out 2019 that left him shaken.

Recounting the ordeal during a previous appearance on "WWE's The Bump," Rhodes shed light on the mishap, explaining that pyrotechnics were mistakenly triggered during his entrance, causing Pharaoh distress. However, Rhodes fondly recalled that Pharaoh had exhibited unwavering bravery since the incident, reaffirming the special bond between man and dog.

Amidst his heartfelt address, Rhodes made a vow that the WWE Universe would witness meaningful interactions with Pharaoh in due time. As Monday's "Raw" unfolded, it became evident that this was merely the inception of Pharaoh's remarkable journey within the WWE.

The Siberian Husky's star power and undeniable charm undoubtedly positioned him as a significant addition to the world of professional wrestling. As the crowd absorbed the groundbreaking sight of Pharaoh, their hearts swelled with admiration and excitement.

The debut of this remarkable canine superstar had ignited a newfound sense of wonder within the WWE Universe, as the boundaries of entertainment expanded to embrace the boundless potential of man's best friend. With Pharaoh's inaugural appearance on "WWE Raw," a new chapter had begun, promising unforgettable moments, captivating narratives, and the unwavering loyalty of a dog that had forever etched his pawprints on the grand stage of professional wrestling.

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