Carmelo Hayes Debuts on WWE Raw, Faces Finn Balor!

High-stakes clash ends in a stunning victory for Finn Balor.

by Atia Mukhtar
Carmelo Hayes Debuts on WWE Raw, Faces Finn Balor!

Carmelo Hayes, the reigning "WWE NXT" Champion, made his highly anticipated debut on "WWE Raw" last night, adding another layer of excitement to the already heated rivalry between Finn Balor and Seth Rollins. As Balor aimed to send a powerful message to Rollins before their clash at Money in the Bank this weekend, Hayes found himself thrust into the spotlight as he went head-to-head with "The Prince" in a thrilling singles match.

Right from the start, Hayes showcased his incredible athleticism and skills, leaving the audience in awe. However, during a commercial break, Balor managed to turn the tide in his favor, seizing control of the match. Despite facing adversity, the resilient "NXT" Champion fought back, displaying his resilience and determination to succeed.

For a moment, it seemed as though Hayes was regaining the upper hand, only to be blindsided by Balor's sudden change of strategy.

Balor's Devastating Dropkick Decimates Hayes

In a swift and calculated move, Balor unleashed a devastating dropkick in the corner, leaving Hayes dazed and vulnerable.

Sensing an opportunity, the World Heavyweight Champion swiftly followed up with his trademark move, the Coup de Grace, to secure a decisive pinfall victory over the impressive newcomer. The outcome of this match undoubtedly bolsters Balor's momentum as he prepares to face Rollins in London, England, for the World Heavyweight Championship.

The win sends a powerful statement to Rollins, highlighting Balor's unwavering focus and formidable skills inside the squared circle. However, the loss raises questions about the future of Carmelo Hayes. As the "NXT" Champion, Hayes has an upcoming title defense against Baron Corbin on Tuesday night.

It remains to be seen how this defeat will impact his mindset and his ability to successfully defend his coveted championship. Will Hayes use this setback as motivation to come back stronger, or will it have a detrimental effect on his confidence heading into his next challenge? The WWE Universe eagerly awaits Hayes' response and the unfolding drama as the "NXT" Champion looks to bounce back from this setback and prove his mettle once again.

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