Nick Patrick Defense of Kofi Kingston's WWE Title Loss to Brock Lesnar


Nick Patrick Defense of Kofi Kingston's WWE Title Loss to Brock Lesnar

The unforgettable saga of "KofiMania" came crashing in only seven seconds in October 2019, as Brock Lesnar ruthlessly defeated Kofi Kingston to claim the WWE Championship. The decision sparked a storm of online criticism, leaving many fans bewildered by WWE's reasoning behind meticulously establishing Kingston as a credible singles competitor for almost a year, only to have him squashed in mere seconds.

Adding to the commotion, Dax Harwood, currently of AEW but part of the WWE locker room at the time, recently disclosed on his podcast that he and a group of colleagues were deeply dismayed by the booking choice. In a show of support, they sent Kingston a consoling text following his abrupt loss.

During a recent installment of "Monday Mailbag," seasoned referee Nick Patrick stepped forward to defend WWE's controversial move to dethrone Kingston. Patrick contended that Kingston should consider himself fortunate for avoiding the physical pummeling often accompanying a match against Lesnar.

"I recall someone complaining when Kofi relinquished the WWE title to Brock Lesnar," Patrick began. "They said, 'Oh my god, the match lasted only a few seconds.' But here's the thing: he still received the same paycheck. And hey, at least he didn't have to endure a barrage of suplexes!

If I were given that finish with Brock Lesnar, I'd have been grateful, man."

The Gruesome Challenge of Facing Lesnar

Patrick stressed that enduring the relentless onslaught inside the ring was no walk in the park for those who had encountered the brutal force of "The Beast Incarnate" over the years.

Patrick would have gladly embraced a "Take me down quickly" mentality if he were in Kingston's shoes. Some have posited that the rapid conclusion served a purpose beyond mere shock value. The post-match segment featured Lesnar's former UFC nemesis, Cain Velasquez, launching a surprise assault on him, setting the stage for a clash at the forthcoming Crown Jewel event.

As the "20th Anniversary of SmackDown" TV special concluded, Velasquez stood tall while Lesnar retreated, clutching his newly-acquired WWE Championship. While the swift loss left fans disheartened, Patrick's defense offers a glimpse into the complexities of professional wrestling storytelling.

Whether the decision indeed served the long-term narrative or not, only time will reveal the impact it has had on the careers of both Kofi Kingston and Brock Lesnar.

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