WWE Star Devalues "Crazy Flips" as Undercard Material

Legends of Wrestling: Hogan, Rock, and Austin Defied Gravity

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE Star Devalues "Crazy Flips" as Undercard Material

Professional wrestling has always been a breeding ground for passionate debates among fans. Now, WWE star LA Knight has shed light on his aversion to a wrestling style traditionally associated with undercard performers. LA Knight, whose popularity is skyrocketing in the WWE, has won over fans primarily through his captivating microphone skills rather than in-ring maneuvers.

As he gears up for the biggest match of his WWE career on July 1st, where he will face off against formidable opponents in the men's Money In The Bank match—Ricochet, Shinsuke Nakamura, Butch, Damian Priest, Santos Escobar, and Logan Paul—Knight took the time to share his perspective on wrestling styles in an exclusive interview with the Daily Star.

During the interview, LA Knight elucidated his stance and clarified why he is unlikely to showcase any jaw-dropping acrobatics, despite the high-stakes multi-man ladder match: "There are many guys out there who simply go through their routines, tumbling and performing gymnastics.

I don't do that. Occasionally, I'll add a spice where it makes sense and serves my purpose.

Charismatic Icons: Hogan, Rock, and Austin

"Often, the physical charisma—the way you carry yourself, your demeanor—truly matters.

If we look at the industry's golden era with Hulk Hogan, it was all about larger-than-life charisma. The Attitude Era boasted The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, again oozing with charm. None of them relied on baffling flips.

"I mean, some guys incorporated such maneuvers, but they were relegated to the undercard. I don't mean to disrespect that role, as it is essential to any card. However, I knew exactly who I wanted to emulate for the wrestler I aspire to be and the position I aim to attain." As anticipation builds for the men's Money In The Bank ladder match, where LA Knight is considered one of the favorites to seize the coveted briefcase in London, a WWE Hall of Famer has voiced a unique perspective.

They believe that Logan Paul should emerge victorious in this thrilling contest. The stage is set for a monumental clash, and as LA Knight continues to make waves in the WWE, his refusal to rely on "crazy flips" highlights his unwavering commitment to carving his path to success.