Natalya Honors NXT Involvement: 'No Step Down, Only Pride


Natalya Honors NXT Involvement: 'No Step Down, Only Pride

WWE superstar Natalya Neidhart, a former multiple women's champion, recently sat down with Bill Apter from WrestleBinge for a comprehensive interview on the world of professional wrestling. The wrestling icon discussed her perspective on returning to NXT occasionally for matches and why she never perceives it as a step-down.

Natalya expressed a distinct enthusiasm about returning to NXT whenever the opportunity presents itself. "The idea of going back to NXT has never represented a step down to me," said Natalya. She mentioned one of her most notable matches from 2014, when Triple H invited her to face a then-newcomer, Charlotte Flair, in the NXT arena.

Natalya's Iconic WrestleMania Moment

According to Natalya, the match was her personal WrestleMania moment and one of the most significant highlights of her career. "It was an exceptional moment as I could showcase my wrestling abilities and simultaneously introduce Charlotte to the world, underlining her potential," said Natalya.

This milestone match continues to generate conversations amongst fans, compared to other iconic matches like Bret Hart vs. Roddy Piper, Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect, and Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio. Moreover, Natalya reflected on a thrilling rivalry she had with Cora Jade in the previous year.

"When Shawn wanted me to face Cora in NXT, I took it as an honor," added Natalya. Natalya also addressed the perception that certain wrestling arenas or programs are less prestigious than others. She was unfazed when a recent appearance on 'Main Event' was criticized as being a step down from 'Raw.'

"I never feel superior to any part of our company. Whether it's Main Event, NXT, or SmackDown, they're all special platforms for me," she asserted. As part of her self-assessment, Natalya admitted she was currently challenging herself more than competing with other stars like Rhea Ripley.

She emphasized the importance of acknowledging moments of self-doubt or struggle, and the need to rebuild oneself, a process she's currently undergoing. "After a 15-year-long journey, I'm aware I'm encountering a low career point.

However, I'm also smart enough to understand that this is a phase to rebuild and rise from," she concluded. Despite wrestling's inherent demand for strength and control, Natalya stressed that acknowledging personal struggles was critical for growth and resilience.

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