Danielson's 'Yes' Chants in Okada Match Spontaneous Response to Injury

Bryan Danielson's recent AEW match revealed an unplanned twist.

by Noman Rasool
Danielson's 'Yes' Chants in Okada Match Spontaneous Response to Injury

This past Sunday, spectators witnessed a thrilling match-up as Bryan Danielson triumphed over Kazuchika Okada in the main event of AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door 2. This much-anticipated clash within the pro-wrestling universe brought together two giants of the sport, leaving fans breathless and anxious in equal measure.

The match garnered widespread praise, but not without cost. Danielson, fondly known to his WWE fans as the American Dragon, suffered a significant setback - a broken arm. The injury inevitably led to on-the-spot alterations in the game's dynamics.

An iconic moment of the match was when Danielson began to lead the crowd in 'Yes' chants, a gesture strongly associated with his WWE persona.

Danielson's Spontaneous 'Yes' Chant Explanation

In the post-Forbidden Door 2 media scrum, Danielson disclosed the impromptu nature of the chants, stating they were not part of the original plan.

The chants, he shared, were a spontaneous response to his physical inability to perform certain maneuvers due to his broken arm. He recounted the strategy, explaining, "Tonight was a spur of the moment, only because I was incapable of doing some of the things that I would have liked to do." He revealed, "I thought, 'Okay, how do we bring the fans up? Oh, here is an easy solution.'

" He contrasted the moment's spontaneity with his consciously planned chants during his world-title Iron Man match against MJF at AEW Revolution. "It was the one time I was going to do it," he reminisced about his match with MJF, adding that the 'Yes' chants in his latest showdown were "because I needed to do something." This revelation provides an insight into Danielson's ability to adapt and maintain his in-ring charisma despite physical constraints.

Danielson's spontaneous decision highlights his quick thinking and improvisational skills. Despite the unexpected setback, he demonstrated an inherent ability to maintain the match's momentum, further solidifying his reputation as a consummate professional and captivating performer.

This unforgettable match at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door 2 has etched itself in the annals of pro-wrestling history, thanks in no small part to Bryan Danielson's commitment, resilience, and remarkable showmanship.

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