Drew McIntyre Wants to Fight John Cena

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Drew McIntyre Wants to Fight John Cena

Many wrestlers get famous after beating a famous wrestler. That is how the business works. Older wrestlers sometimes help younger wrestlers get over with the crowd by letting them beat them. That is something that has always been part of storylines and wrestle development.

Most wrestlers that are on the verge of leaving wrestling want one final match with a famous wrestler. That is the best way for them to go in their minds. The WWE is a company that is full of stars but there are very few wrestlers that are as famous or as influential as John Cena.

Drew McIntyre is a hard working wrestler and he has been very active recently. He was with Express UK where he stated that he wants a match with John Cena before he retires. "A match with John Cena is on my list," McIntyre said.

"I never had a singles match with John Cena. Before he hangs it up officially I definitely want that match. A victory would be another notch on my belt." McIntyre trains at the Hard Nocks South gym in Tampa, FL, which is owned by John Cena.

The gym posted a video of McIntyre lifting 500 pounds without much difficulty. Drew McIntyre is not in any main event picture at the moment, but he is still a successful heel wrestler and has wrestled some of WWE’s top talents.