Vince McMahon's Impact Noticed in Unique Aspect of Raw Show

Unusual sign of Vince McMahon's sway emerges in WWE.

by Noman Rasool
Vince McMahon's Impact Noticed in Unique Aspect of Raw Show

Renowned wrestling commentator Dave Meltzer recently shed light on Vince McMahon's persistent influence over the ins and outs of WWE Raw and SmackDown as he dissected the dynamics of the recent episodes on the latest installment of Wrestling Observer Radio.

According to Meltzer, McMahon's meddling on the day of the show, resulting in numerous last-minute changes, appeared to take a toll on the overall quality of Raw. He expressed concern that the narrative continuity suffered, contributing to a show that felt uninspired and needed more substantial character or plot development.

Vince's Growing Dominance Exposed

"Vince's involvement has become increasingly apparent lately," Meltzer said. "We discussed this the other day, and today's show was another proof. It was Vince's show. Unfortunately, some of the recent alterations have negatively affected the overall coherence of the storylines.

It's as if a plot is built up and abruptly dropped." Meltzer voiced dissatisfaction with the recent episode, saying it felt somewhat mundane and failed to rouse any considerable excitement. He remarked, "I didn't find much to get excited about.

There were a few match outcomes that I felt were rather counterproductive." However, the renowned wrestling analyst pointed out a small yet significant detail emblematic of Vince's growing backstage influence – Tommaso Ciampa's beard.

Known for his meticulous attention to even the most minor details, McMahon's influence over personal grooming isn't surprising in the wrestling industry. Tommaso Ciampa, absent from the ring since September, made a noteworthy return to Monday Night Raw on June 19th.

He assaulted The Miz unexpectedly, effectively ending their previous alliance. What was conspicuous, though, was the grey in his beard, a signature look that fans had come to recognize. Interestingly, on June 26th, Ciampa reappeared with a freshly dyed brown beard.

Meltzer proposed that McMahon, who has recently begun dyeing his hair, might have influenced Ciampa's sudden change in look. Such an unusual indicator underscores Vince's influence, which extends from storyline developments to the minute details of wrestlers' appearances.

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