Latest Update on Bron Breakker After Rick Steiner's WWE Comments Fallout

Diving into the recent controversy engulfing the WWE Universe...

by Noman Rasool
Latest Update on Bron Breakker After Rick Steiner's WWE Comments Fallout

WWE Hall of Fame inductee, Rick Steiner, found himself amid controversy in April when he was accused of making transphobic comments by Gisele Shaw, a star of Impact Wrestling. This incident occurred at a WrestleCon signing event and was met with considerable backlash.

Shaw, affectionately referred to as "The Quintessential Diva," initially overlooked the comments before confronting Steiner publicly, with witnesses present to support her claim. As an aftermath, WrestleCon apologized to Shaw, while Impact Wrestling and several of her fellow wrestling colleagues helped her.

Contrary to possible speculations, Rick Steiner's son, Bron Breaker, has not been penalized by the WWE in the fallout of this incident. As per Fightful Select reports, no ill will is harbored against Breaker due to his father's actions.

Breakker has demonstrated commendable behavior since his initiation into the WWE in 2021, solidifying his reputation in the wrestling community. However, due to the transgression, Rick Steiner's presence is not anticipated on WWE broadcasts in the foreseeable future.

Bron Breakker's Father's 2022 WWE Highlights

The elder Steiner had a few remarkable appearances in the WWE in 2022. He was present to celebrate his son, Breakker's inaugural "NXT" title victory in January. Shortly after, in April, he was inducted into the esteemed WWE Hall of Fame alongside his brother, Scott Steiner.

Only a few days after his induction, a storyline involving Rick being kidnapped by Joe Gacy on "NXT" was introduced, initiating Gacy's feud with Breakker. When asked to comment on the controversy, Breakker, a former "NXT" Champion, iterated that he cannot be held responsible for his father's words or actions.

He clarified that his father's comments do not indicate his beliefs or values. Breakker, at 25, maintains his high-ranking status in "NXT" even after conceding his title to Carmelo Hayes in April and his subsequent transformation into a heel character.

Most recently, Breaker threw down the gauntlet to Seth Rollins, challenging him for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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