Grayson Waller Confirms Leg Injury, Discusses WWE Comeback

In the face of adversity, WWE's Waller shows resilience.

by Atia Mukhtar
Grayson Waller Confirms Leg Injury, Discusses WWE Comeback

WWE superstar Grayson Waller recently unveiled that he sustained a significant injury - a broken leg - during his concluding WWE NXT bout, a matchup against NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes on the April 25 episode, Spring Breakin’.

A closer inspection of the Waller vs. Hayes showdown, reported on April 27, suggested that the clash had to be terminated prematurely due to Waller's injury. The mishap occurred when Waller accidentally hit his leg on the ropes while attempting to execute his Cutter move.

The match quickly concluded with Hayes securing a win by utilizing his trademark "Nothing But Net" move for the pin to retain. Updating his fans on the situation, Waller shared a video on Twitter revealing that he had suffered a clean fracture in his fibula.

Waller Asserts Unmatched WWE Value

Despite the injury, Waller boasted about his undeniable value in the WWE Draft. According to him, even with a broken leg, he outvalues 99% of his fellow wrestlers. Responding to fans questioning his current role, Waller reassured that his skills extend beyond being a host.

While he confidently proclaimed he could be the best host in WWE history, he affirmed that his real prowess lies in the ring. Addressing his followers, Waller shared good news and bad news. He expressed his discontent towards fans on social media, stating that they failed to support him through his painful recovery journey.

Waller felt fans showed little to no concern for his efforts to ensure his prime physical condition upon his return. Instead, they criticized his absence from the wrestling ring, overlooking his regular appearances on SmackDown.

Regarding his anticipated return, Waller chose to keep the date under wraps, adding a touch of suspense. He assured fans they'd know soon, but the announcement would be on his terms - a move he refers to as "The Grayson Waller Effect".

In the upcoming episode of SmackDown from London, specifically the "Money In The Bank" go-home edition, Waller will interview Logan Paul on "The Grayson Waller Effect".

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