WWE Update: Bron Breakker's Heat Potential - Latest Reports


WWE Update: Bron Breakker's Heat Potential - Latest Reports
WWE Update: Bron Breakker's Heat Potential - Latest Reports

WWE NXT's rising star, Bron Breakker, recently faced off against World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins in a match that ended in defeat. The fact that Breakker was given this opportunity demonstrates how highly the company regards him and his potential.

During the WrestleMania season, there were numerous speculations circulating online about Breakker's imminent debut on the main roster. However, despite the buzz, the 25-year-old powerhouse was ultimately kept within the developmental brand of NXT.

Steiner's Controversial Remarks: Breakker's Stand

Breakker's father, legendary wrestler Rick Steiner, found himself embroiled in a significant controversy recently due to transphobic remarks he made about IMPACT wrestler Gisele Shaw.

Multiple witnesses corroborated these offensive comments, and Steiner himself confirmed making derogatory remarks to several individuals. However, it is important to note that Breakker has distanced himself from his father's behavior, stating in an interview with USA Today that his father's comments do not represent who he is as a person.

While WWE has not taken any punitive action against Breakker, Rick Steiner will not be working with the company for the foreseeable future. Reputable wrestling news outlet Fightful, which requires a subscription, has reported that WWE sources have no intention of holding Breakker accountable for his father's actions.

The young talent has maintained a clean record and has not encountered any character issues since joining the global wrestling powerhouse. Interestingly, WWE made the decision to drop the "Steiner" name from Bron Breakker's ring persona, a name that has been associated with the wrestling business since the late 20th century.

Breakker himself shed light on the matter during an interview on the show "Table for 3." Rick Steiner claimed that WWE came up with the name Bron Breakker, but the former NXT Champion clarified that he drew inspiration from his football days, where he aimed to "break people in half" while blocking.

Breakker emphasized that he believes he can be successful without relying on the Steiner name, although he still pays tribute to his family's legacy. At the young age of 25, Bron Breakker has already held the NXT Championship twice, amassing an impressive combined reign of 425 days.

The question now looms whether Breakker will finally receive the call-up to the main roster following his standout performance against Seth Rollins at NXT Gold Rush. WWE fans eagerly await the next chapter in Breakker's promising career.

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