Cody Rhodes's Real-Life Girlfriend Stolen by Current WWE Superstar

WWE Star Cody Rhodes Reveals Surprising Bowling Alley Encounter

by Atia Mukhtar
Cody Rhodes's Real-Life Girlfriend Stolen by Current WWE Superstar

Cody Rhodes, currently one of the prominent stars in WWE, has opened up about a surprising twist from his past, revealing that he once stole the girlfriend of fellow wrestler Xavier Woods. In a candid interview with Inside The Ropes, Rhodes shared the intriguing tale, shedding light on his high school connection with Woods and the unfolding events.

Rhodes disclosed, "Xavier Woods and I attended the same high school. We had a wrestling match where Woods bumped up a weight class to face me. If you were to ask him, he'd probably provide a different version of the story. The truth is, he lost by just a few points." The memory of their encounter became the backdrop for an unexpected rendezvous at a local bowling alley.

Bowling Alley Triumph: Rhodes Claims Victory

Recalling the incident, Rhodes recounted, "I happened to be at the bowling alley with a girl named Lindsey, whom I had recently started dating. Little did I know Lindsey and Woods had a history.

That's when Xavier Woods unexpectedly appeared... And then, something remarkable happened. I picked up a bowling ball, rolled it down the lane, and struck all the pins. At that moment, I approached Woods and said, 'I know you; I beat you.'

With that, I walked away, not giving it much thought." The impact of that encounter has lingered, as Rhodes revealed that whenever he comes across Woods, he never hesitates to remind him of that fateful day, playfully emphasizing how much of a "piece of sh*t" his friend was back then.

The incident has become a source of lighthearted banter between the two wrestlers, highlighting their shared history and the unpredictability of life's twists and turns. Today, Rhodes has found happiness in his marriage to Brandi, with whom he shares a daughter.

This intriguing story from his past serves as a reminder of the colorful journeys and unexpected connections within the world of professional wrestling. While the tale may elicit amusement and curiosity among fans, it also showcases the camaraderie and playful rivalries that can develop among wrestlers as they navigate their careers in the demanding and often unpredictable realm of WWE.

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